Delbert Henry began Hylite Fabrication, LLC in Palmer, Alaska in 2009.

The metal fabrication company grew slowly as he worked full-time as a General Manager at Tri-Jet Manufacturing for the next several years. In 2011, an opportunity arose to build a large 80′ x 24′ landing craft in a joint venture with his previous employer, Jeff Johnson of Peregrine Falcon Alaska. The project required a major overhaul of Hylite Fabrication’s 40′ x 60′ shop, extending it to 60′ x 120′, adding a 100′ long overhead crane system and increasing his work force considerably.

After the completion of that vessel, the shop seemed self-propelled as word of mouth spread about Hylite’s expanded shop and quality work. The vision for Hylite is to continue providing diverse, high-quality residential, commercial and marine fabrication services in the Mat-Su valley and across the state of Alaska.